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You better have all your chores done and your office work wrapped up before you settle down to start watching the DVDs in the Vaquero Series because you're gonna be in front of the TV for awhile.

The beauty of these J&S Productions Videos is that they let the camera run awhile so's you can see what's going on. I basically doubled the 12-hour run time because I was so busy rewinding to see something cool again and again, like this one buckaroo throwing a winning figure-eight at some roping challenge in California.

The narrative is concise, historical and educational, and the production isn't over processed, like you'd expect from some fancy production crew that just showed up in our world, then moved on to some other story in Africa.

It's rich, and easy to watch; that's why this set appeals to me. Hats off to filmmakers Susan Jensen and Paul Singer and their six-year quest to capture our world so well; they created a documentary in its truest form worthy of the subject.

—Tim O'Byrne, Editor, Publisher, Working Ranch Magazines