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Western Horseman
Cow Hunters Review of Cow Hunters of Florida
by Western Horseman

Florida Cowboys don’t gather cattle; they hunt them, fording rivers and swamps deeper than their stirrups, and weaving through dense forest and bramble patches. Aided by trusty cur dogs, cow whips, savvy stock horses, and in some cases aircraft, they do their job with gear and in way unique to their region.

Florida ranching traditions are authentically explained by expert sources in Cow Hunter of Florida, the 11th DVD in the Vaquero Series produced by Susan Jensen and Paul Singer

The well-researched DVD traces the history of ranching in the southeastern United States from the 1500s to the present. Through the years, customs and cattle breeds evolved to fit the climate and terrain, but a few of the Cracker cattle and horses being raised today are descendant of the Spanish livestock brought to the continent more than 400 years ago.
An informative 98-minute documentary.